B2B Staff

Jermaine Lloyd, Founder/Director/Coach 

Matthew Lee, Program Director/Coach

Victor Maldonado, High School Coach

Ronald Sullivan, High School Coach 

Jean Avebe, Financial Manager/Middle School Coach  

Ezekiel Lyons, Middle School Coach 

Teresa Edwards, Skills Trainer 

Fernando Rivera, Skills Trainer 

Katie Avebe, Administrator

We have a dedicated group of parents and members in the community who sacrifice their time and energy to help the program grow. As we continue to expand, we honor every volunteer and staff member who contributes their time to help the program become one of the premier after-school and weekend programs.


Staff pictured above, left to right:

Matt Lee, High School Coach;  Ezekiel Lyons, Middle School Coach;  Jermaine Lloyd, Founder & Head Coach;  Jean Avebe, Middle School Coach