Team Philosophy and Structure

B2B Wins: Trophies, High School Diplomas, College Degrees, Professional Careers

While we celebrate the trophies commemorating our players’ triumphs at some of the most competitive youth basketball tournaments on the East Coast, the true measure of B2B’s influence: the high school diplomas, college degrees, and promising professional careers they go on to achieve.

Believe2Be High School Boys Team

This team is for boys who did not make their school team and would like to play on a team during the winter basketball season.

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Winter Travel Teams

10/11U Winter Travel

13U Winter Travel

14/15U Winter Travel

These teams are for boys who are interested in playing in a travel league on the weekends.  This includes 1 weekday practice.

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Traveling Teams

Both boys and girls travel teams participate at numerous basketball tournaments and leagues at gym facilities and college campuses across the East Coast. Our travel teams begin as young as age 8 all the way up to high school level competition. In the summer seasons, our members are registered to participate in sleep-away camps to foster new relationships and to further improve their individual skills and agility


Academic and Wellness Workshops

We make efforts to provide academic help for any member having difficulty in school. We also create events that help all members become more informed, self-sufficient, and immediately able to apply new skills they receive through our B2B workshops 


Social Development

Many of our members develop new and life-long relationships through the social interactions and connections we establish through our program. An example of our progress are the rewards gained by our members after participating in college visits we arrange through our basketball program or arranging introductions for members who have specific interests.  

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