About us

Our Mission

Back 2 Basics Academy was formed with a sole purpose to develop the self-esteem in young children and teen members in our communities that have been turned away from traditional after-school programs and “elite” sports programs. We wish to provide healthy opportunities for young children in underserved communities with experiences that focus on instilling positive influences. We want children and teens to go beyond muscle memory and internalize their interactions to help them:


  • become more aware of their surroundings,
  • have better understanding of consequences and how they impact their personal individuality, and 
  • take control of decision-making opportunities.

Our Vision

To become a premier basketball, academic training and community activities association that provides numerous opportunities for all children and their families.

Our Training

Developing basketball fundamentals through clinics and workout sessions. 

We welcome those looking to be a part of a community, those who were cut from school athletic programs, those who were cut from AAU clubs and traveling teams, those with low self-esteem and undeveloped skill sets.  


Training and Player Development Program

We offer training & playing opportunities for all young children; regardless of skill level ​​

We DO NOT turn any child away – ALL ARE WELCOME

We provide training & development through basketball clinics and workout sessions created by our coaches and staff. At the coaches’ discretion, we create various opportunities for members to scrimmage with our competitive B2B basketball travel team. Our development clinics are for boys and girls of all ages.


Teaching Methods

Our staff executes a teaching role that demonstrates the results of commitment and dedication, and encourages a child that learning and hard work go hand in hand. Through group discussion, workshops, and lectures on leadership, our youth explore how leaders are developed.

We seek to extract methods that demonstrate an ongoing:

  • Leadership model; exemplified by participants (coaches, parents and adult volunteers)
  • Support to adults through development activities
  • Participation by children
  • Community involvement

Our History

The core values of what is now Back 2 Basics can be traced to when our founder, Jermaine Lloyd - Coach J, noticed that there were many gifted kids in his neighborhood that lacked direction, the basic fundamentals, and were also unaware of the many doors that basketball could open for them. 

A good friend of Coach J, Roy Allen, was looking to do the same thing. Together they started to host outdoor clinics and formed travel teams with the kids that regularly attended the clinics and shared their school progress. Roy moved to Charlotte, NC and Coach J ran “Yes 2 L.I.F.E” for a couple of years.

In 2001 Coach J was approached to partner with 3 other coaches to start the Back 2 Basics Basketball Program. For seven years B2B fulfilled the social, athletic, and academic needs of many of the inner city children in the Bronx.  In 2008 the coaches decided to go in a different direction, and Coach J continued on with a parents and volunteer supported non-profit organization which is now Back 2 Basics Academy.

Throughout the years of servicing the North Bronx, Back 2 Basics has received continuous praise, appreciation and recognition for reaching out to families and businesses in the local area and surrounding boroughs. The appreciation continues to grow as we strive to create more ways to engage with those who care for today’s youth. The program continues to grow and today yields over one hundred youth participants. Jermaine Lloyd, four elected trustees, parents and volunteers prove a solid commitment to their community in putting youth first. Back 2 Basics is empowered by old and new members who are motivated to see change within their neighborhoods.


Back 2 Basics Academy is very proud of our strong ties with many local, national, and international organizations.

Throughout the years we’ve built relationships with people who have recognized the results of our youth development program. Through our partnerships, many well- known youth programs refer parents to our development clinics and our commitment to work on a child individually, to help build their self-esteem and social skills while learning the fundamentals of sportsmanship and basketball.  After completion of our clinic, most participants return with the skill sets needed to qualify for a competitive basketball program of their desire.